Prediction: you’ll swim in it

For those of you yet to experience the thrill of 2012, let me give you hint to its flavor: lemonade beer.  Or, for the initiated, the radler.  Don’t pull that face.  It’s exactly what the world needs right now.  It’s a cheap and intoxicating thirst-quencher that will take the edge off the ongoing rapine and destruction of security– a tragedy fulminated so adroitly in 2011.

5% and good. Now opened for my pleasure.

But fuck that, right?  Not the protesting but the plundering.  Isn’t it time for us to come up with our own protective measures?  Shouldn’t this be the lesson we take away from our own exploitation as consumers, customers, householders?  I read that feng shui has the year ahead humping and pumping, like the motion of the ocean.  Sounds… hot.  Or fertile, if you like.  Contrast this with the year behind us: it was a grinder– all metal and wood.  The world just needed a little more lube, didn’t it?  Earthquakes, petty political maneuvering, imminent financial collapse, more earthquakes and flooding and job losses and rude, myopic finger-pointing (pepper-spray-aiming) at sympathetic folks who go home to eat and shit and sleep just like every other human being among us.  But somehow, the lines could not be crossed.  Like metal and wood.  They don’t blend well.

So we get the ocean this year.  Let’s think pacific.  Let’s think that we’re all in it together.  There’s pretty impressive power in groups– preventive, even.  Note the decisions of banks and now Verizon to reverse fee increases due to public outrage.

When I was in college at UC Davis, there was a location on the periphery of campus with giant, handmade cauldrons in which the hippiest students would heat water for hot-tubbing.  Human stew by another name.  As usual, the hippie kids have it right.  We’re just a giant human stew.  So let’s have a radler and toast to our immersion.  Or, you may prefer to emulate someone more impressive.  Either way, get your drink on and raise a glass with me.  And Happy New Year.

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